The history of Carbon Composites Technology Association
○ Establishment : 2019.09.21 : Establishment accreditation and approval of Ministry of Science and ICT (2019.03. 141companies)
○ National government-approved NATIONAL LEVEL research association for the first time in the carbon industry
○ TECH-BIZ(2 times per year), Demand-Linked Technology Exchange(4 times per year), Overseas and Domestic Exhibition(6 times per year)
○ National R&D organization (KCTECH, KIST, KCL, etc.) demand equipment and technology demand survey(DM, SNS survey, etc.)
○ Carbon-related R&D planning and corporate support Non-R D support National project execution and monitoring
○ Finding proposals for carbon related organizations and promoting standardization (test, evaluation, equipment, materials, etc.)
 DB state of Carbon Composites Technology Association
○ 141 companies DB (9 large corporations, 8 midsize corporations, 9 research institutes / universities, 115 SMEs : 91 trillion / 59,000 people)
○ Domestic Certification Institution, Private Investment and Regulatory Exemption discovery, 6-Carbon TRM (TECHNICAL ROAD MAP)
○ Advanced patents and market reports related to carbon and carbon composite materials, demand equipment and technology demand.
○ Expert utilizing demand linkages R&D planning report
 The role of Carbon Composites Technology Association
○ Association DB (141 member companies) based materials - ubsidiary materials-molding-equipment-END ITEM R & D planning demand research and planning contents excavation suggestion
○ Domestic / overseas demand linkages exhibition support and demand linkages prototype development based carbon composites market ecosystem building
○ R&D Promotion system related expert planning and business participation company linked TECHOLOGY-KNOWLEDGE BROKER perform.
○ Standard development of carbon related organizations (material-forming-equipment-process-test evaluation-repair-recycling, etc.)
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